Morita Therapy

The power of action.

To accomplish anything you have to do something, it’s that simple. You can think all you want, you can wish all you want, and your thinking and your wishing will end in nothing. Only doing counts. Only doing will give you what you want.

Trying to get relief from the suffering of anxiety and depression through thinking and talking, without taking action, is useless. Only becoming absorbed in the action in front of you can give you relief from worry, anxiety, and depression. These are the basic premises of Morita Therapy.

Morita therapy treats addiction with:

  • Positive action
  • Focusing on the present – not past failures or future worries
  • Learn to recognize the cause of negative thoughts and actions and
  • Learn to take ownership and control of actions

Adaptive Center uses Morita combined with our other therapies such as life rhythm, cognitive behavioral, and narrative processes.

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