Adaptive Center

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

A Focus On Mindfulness and Simplicity

At Adaptive Center, we value mindfulness and simplicity. We work with people affected by drugs and alcohol addiction, depression, and anxiety. We engage with them in a process of discovery and rehabilitation.

We collaborate with clients to uncover whatever illness blocks them from recovery and personal fulfillment. We then create individualized treatment plans and psychotherapy interventions to remove the obstacles that prevent them from reaching their fullest potential.

We Offer a Personalized Treatment Experience

By design, Adaptive Center is intimate — serving only 15 people at a time. Clients live in a supervised, bilingual, real life environment where all their activities are done within one square block. Treatment includes scientifically proven, cutting-edge interventions like Morita and cognitive therapy, as well as proven mental health and physical fitness practices like Zen meditation and yoga.

Small groups, tailored treatment plans, and a realistic living situation combine to create a powerful effect on clients, even on those who have previously given up on treatment.

We offer treatments that are simple yet powerful for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, depression and anxiety.