Adaptive Center

Constantly unfolding, evolving, and always changing to reflect the newest scientific research.

Effective exploration.

Through a process of cutting-edge diagnosis and personal rehabilitation treatments, and using well-proven psychotherapy interventions, we work with clients to remove blocks that restrict them from reaching their fullest potential. Illnesses like drug and alcohol addiction, anxiety, and depression are the most common blocks that prevent people from growing into the best them that they can be.

” Our treatment doesn’t follow the typical “rehab” model. “

The “adaptive” is literal. We are constantly unfolding, evolving, and always changing to reflect the newest scientific research and findings. Our treatment doesn’t follow the typical “rehab” model. Our treatment model is all scientifically validated, and evolves according to the discoveries made by research in the social sciences. If it is not proven to work, we do not include it in your treatment.

Focusing on being mentally and physically fit.

Adaptive Center focuses on mental and physical fitness. Clients achieve mental health through group and individual therapy, access to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Zen meditation; they get physically healthy by eating properly and doing exercise. No one treatment is right for every client, so each treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s needs, and focuses on the personal development of their total fitness.

Intimate attention.

Focusing the entire treatment center’s resources on a very small population is a major factor of the program’s design. We serve only 12 people at a time. That makes a huge difference for our clients — many of who have been to multiple treatment centers. They benefit from the small size of the group. The intimacy makes them comfortable, and better able to communicate. At Adaptive Center you don’t get lost in a big crowd.

Clients learn to live soberly in a realistic environment.

At Adaptive Center everything is located in the middle of a bustling city, not on a campus. We are not an isolated institution or a big facility. Clients reside in supervised apartments: They walk a few blocks to therapy and to the gym daily. They even shop for and cook their own healthy meals, all just a few miles from downtown Miami. From day one, clients learn the relevant skills for living soberly and to their fullest potential in the middle of an actual life environment.

The living environment at Adaptive Center helps you change your habits – sometimes without you even noticing.

We provide you with an effective treatment program that will help you develop the tools for sobriety while living in a real life environment.

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