Flexible Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Miami

  • ✔ Flexible daytime treatment also available
  • ✔ No more than 12 clients per outpatient group
  • ✔ Effective Adaptive Center treatment model
  • ✔ Covered by most health insurance
  • ✔ 99% of our clients have been covered by insurance
  • ✔ Sliding fee for uninsured *
    * based on prior year’s tax return

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More treatment; shorter sessions.

Long treatment sessions feel like a punishment after a long day at work.

We have short evening treatment sessions spread out more frequently through the week.  This will also allow for time to get back home to your family or friends for dinner.

We also have a day program that allows you to hold a second or third shift job without feeling overwhelmed.

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Stay in touch with a dedicated case manager.

While enrolled in the Outpatient Program, you will be in contact with our case manager to coordinate schedules and treatment. This is a unique Adaptive Center feature as most outpatient programs do not have dedicated case managers.


Your case manager is an advocate for you and helps you develop a treatment plan that fits your needs.


Your case manager helps you stick with your plan through the times it may seem difficult and highlights your positive progress the rest of the time.

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