Our Treatment Center


Not a “rehab” campus setting.

Adaptive Center is situated in an active suburban environment. Its location is an integral part of the rehabilitation program’s design. It was necessary that the treatment center not be divorced from a realistic recovery living environment. The city location is a crucial part of our addiction and mental health treatment. It allows clients to successfully live free from drugs, alcohol, and the symptoms of anxiety and depression that often accompany the illness of addiction; while still engaging in the community and facing the pressures of everyday life.

We are different.

Adaptive Center is different from most treatment centers which are disconnected from real life and isolate patients in “rehab” campus settings, removing them from normal everyday activities. Adaptive Center focuses on functional psychotherapy for real life problems.

These are the buildings, the structures, but the treatment is in the healing dynamic of these spaces where clients are living, eating, working out, and working on their mental health, and total human fitness.

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