What if you could speak your mind without being judged, without feeling like it will make the person listening to you look at you differently?

Walking out of your first session of therapy feeling like a million bucks and you can conquer the world…This is what the majority of individuals feel when they walk out of their first session of therapy.

We, in the field, call this the halo effect. It happens when somebody has been resisting going to therapy for a long time (because they have all kinds of ideas about what therapy is) and finally decide to do it.

If they find themselves a good therapist, they’ll have the opportunity to discover what therapy REALLY is (and why we encourage it).

Being heard, being seen.

Speaking to someone that understands your struggles and limitations from a professional standpoint.

Being able to speak to someone without a hidden agenda (whether unconscious or otherwise).

Being able to speak about your deepest secrets, your biggest struggles, your fears, the demons that you have been fighting for WAY too long… without being judged or feeling like the person is going to run away screaming or look at you differently.

There’s a sense of relief, a sense of calm that you get to experience in these sessions, and that is what we call the halo effect.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience. It’s a stepping stone towards being able to live better and we all want you to have that.

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