Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) is the right intensity of treatment to solve your problems, without disrupting your life.

Not everyone has to go to a residential treatment program to treat their conditions. In Residential you go away to a treatment center for 30 days away from family, friends, your job, and your life. This disruption in your entire life can sometimes be counterproductive for someone that doesn’t need to go to those lengths.

In Intensive Outpatient Treatment, you go to a therapist to have your sessions once a week and group therapy sessions 3 times a week. This can help tackle the issues in a much more effective way than just doing 1 session a week where the challenges can possibly get worse. Yet, not losing family or work.

Through these sessions, you work through resistances, bad habits, lifestyles, uncover triggers, discuss general life problems and possibly uncover other underlying issues.

With Intensive Outpatient therapy, you are able to find solutions while still being involved in your regular life activities.

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