Nature creates men to be Strong, to be Providers, and Protectors. Culture asks them to be “Vulnerable”. The conflict leads to loss of identity, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. Men have never needed therapy more.

Evolutionary psychology tells us that men are wired to protect their mate and their families.
From the beginning of humanity, if a man was not strong enough to protect his family he was shamed and rejected. Showing vulnerability was dangerous.

People claim that’s no longer true, evolutionary psychology shows it continues to be true. We are the same humans we were 10,000 years ago. Our genetic wiring has not changed.

Nature wired our brains to feel one way. Society demands that we think and act the opposite way. Living in this conflict causes stress, anxiety, and depression.

Most men are not in touch with this internal conflict. And, seek relief from it with sex, violence, and substance abuse, ruining their lives.

Men need therapy more than ever. Therapy that acknowledges their manliness instead of condemning it. Therapy that helps them adapt to living in this society, and this time, as a man.
Call us for direction and help. We understand.

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