When you are going through a depression episode, it helps to know which kind of depression it is: Unipolar or Bipolar. Knowing will empower you to go through it without fear and hopelessness.

Knowing if you have Unipolar Depression or Bipolar Depression can help you manage it.

Unipolar Depression makes you feel sad, agitated, sleepless, tired, and hopeless. When it passes (it always passes) you come back to feeling okay.

Bipolar Depression makes you feel depressed too, but also “manic”: excited, full of energy, no need for sleep, a racing mind that comes up with great creative ideas. If you think this sounds cool you’re right, it is, but the crash is horrible.

To manage Unipolar depression you need to lift your mood. Use anti-depressant medication, and do activities that trigger excitement and joy.

To manage Bipolar Depression you need Balance. Anti-depressants won’t work. They’ll throw you into mania. Instead, medications called “Mood Stabilizers” are the right ones. And, chill: meditation, working out, movies, and hanging out with friends are all good.

But, most importantly, remember that you are not a victim. You are not helpless. You can’t cure depression, but you can manage it. Keep the beast tamed, and keep fighting the good fight with me.

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