The show goes on. The Johnny Depp trial is a perfect example of the craziness of alcohol and drug abuse. All the sad-stupid-funny-ridiculous behavior seen results when drugs and alcohol numb the rational and judgment part of the brain that controls impulses.
The result: a clown/shit show.

Here are the main 3 Takeaways:

1. If you abuse substances you will look like an idiot and you will suffer

The trial displayed how drug abuse turns people into unruly babies. Why? because they numb the rational part of the brain, that controls judgment, and impulses. This could be observed in many trial participants

2. The trial presented a perfect portrayal of substance abuse in a relationship.

It’s a common story. People that abuse substances together end up abusing each other. Verbal and physical violence becomes common—even predictable.

3. Substance abuse leads to sad and unnecessary suffering.

No matter what side you took, we ALL can take away that substance abuse is humiliating, embarrassing, and painful suffering for everyone involved. And, that no human being should have to endure this kind of suffering. It’s unnecessary.

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