Depression episodes are like storms. Thunderstorms come, they make everything dark, bleak, even painful, but then they pass. 

Depression shows up in episodes. Nobody is depressed all the time, even though it does feel that way sometimes.

Some people stay in the depressive episode for a long time and some people come in and out quicker (we call them rapid cyclers).

There are people who get depressed for a certain amount of hours during the day, every day. There are people that stay depressed for weeks, and there are people that stay depressed for months but ultimately nobody is depressed forever.

Even so, those episodes make us vulnerable, increasing chances of self-harm, suicide, losing families, losing jobs, and ending up in jail….

This is why the objective when treating depression is to do whatever we can to stabilize the mood so that the person doesn’t have to go through continuous cycles because any one of those episodes can be catastrophic or even lethal.

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