Psychedelics have always been substances that demand to be honored and respected scientifically and spiritually.

In the right hands, they bring healing, in the wrong hands, they bring trauma and psychological and physical harm.

In the 60s, a group of scientists at Harvard experimented with psychedelics to discover new states of mind and used them for treating psychological disorders. My mentor was one of them. In one way or another, the experiments never stopped. Then people started using them as party favors, and all kinds of amateurs with no training and experience used them irresponsibly. So, the government made them illegal, and their benefits to millions were ruined for decades.

Fast forward to now, and we have serious evidence of the effects of psychedelics—especially psilocybin, which is the active substance in mushrooms—on certain psychological disorders: depression, trauma, anxiety, and the dread of terminally ill patients.

Institutions like the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins continue to research how to use them as a treatment for depression. The results have been pretty amazing. So they’ve gotten the attention of individuals seeking alternative treatments for themselves and their loved ones. And, unfortunately, it also got the attention of people who want to get high and use them irresponsibly, without knowledge, training, or respect for their power. I’m seeing the negative effects in people coming to treatment after bad experiences. Here we go again.

Here are the bottom lines. Now, then and forever, psychedelics need to be administered by experienced, trained people that approach them with the respect and skill that they demand.

If you are serious about truly exploring the benefits of psychedelics, you have to seek an experienced practitioner, well grounded in a tradition of knowledge and respect.

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