Addiction Treatment in Miami

  • ✔ Small by design
  • ✔ No more than 12 clients
  • ✔ Effective proprietary treatment model
  • ✔ Immediate openings
  • ✔ 99% of our clients have been covered by insurance
  • ✔ Sliding fee for uninsured *
    * based on prior year’s tax return
  • ✔ Evening outpatient treatment also available

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We remove the blocks
keeping you from your fullest potential.

We are likely not the first treatment center you have contacted but this is why we should be the last.

It’s all therapeutic.

Everything that happens each day at Adaptive Center is designed to be therapeutic for clients. Every day, the client follows the same schedule. This is part of a well-tested form of rehabilitation called life rhythm therapy.

Regain yourself;
Rebuild your independence.

You make your own breakfast and perform chores under the supervision of staff. These tasks are designed and guided by Morita psychotherapy principles, which are effective in treating your anxiety, depression and other forms of mental health disorders.

Our psychotherapy — group and individual — is based on cutting-edge cognitivenarrative, and, again, Morita therapy principles.

You will utilize focused journaling therapy – a guided writing exercise to help you heal. This therapy is particularly effective for post-traumatic stress.

All of these techniques are proven to treat the underlying psychological issues of addiction.


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We provide clients with effective treatment that can change their lives forever.

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