Levels of Treatment

We offer 3 levels of intensive treatments.


Partial Hospitalization with Supportive Housing

PHP with Supportive Housing is our most supportive treatment modality, it’s designed to provide you with supervised support in our treatment center, and affiliated housing 24 hrs per day.

In the PHP with Supportive Housing level of care, you live in a residential house.


Intensive Outpatient

In the IOP program you can live at home, work or go to school, while still receiving a high level of care. A tailored treatment plan is created for you in order to maximize your ability to continue to participate in your life, and still meet the number of hours of therapy that are proven to help you overcome the challenges that face you.


Outpatient Treatment

This level of treatment is designed for people who need treatment at a lesser intensity. The Outpatient Treatment offers a flexible, yet structured schedule of treatment that is ideal to regain the skills of living a new recovering life. This level is also a sensible step for the people that are transitioning from our IOP level of treatment, and gradually incorporating themselves into their full lives receiving the exact amount of therapy, and support, that they need in order to keep the gains that they made in treatment.

We provide clients with effective treatment that can change their lives forever.

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