Adaptive Ketamine Therapy

We tracked the research on the effectiveness of ketamine for years. It led us to create a Holistic Ketamine-Assisted Therapy Treatment.

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  • Depression
  • Recurrent Thoughts of Suicide
  • Bouts of Anger
  • PTSD
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Alcohol Abuse & Dependence

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How Adaptive Ketamine Therapy Works

We created a holistic therapy experience. No IVs, needles, or intrusive medical intervention.Ketamine is administered while engaging in a therapy session. The session evolves organically, and naturally, as the medication calms, heals, and brings neurological relief. The entire process is monitored by a medical professional that ensures comfort and safety. The session peaks, and unwinds naturally, and you leave the session refreshed. The effects last beyond the session. And, you feel relief from suffering.

When used in a holistic manner, Ketamine becomes a powerful tool for Therapists and Doctors to alleviate their patient’s pain, until longer treatment takes effect.

The Holistic application of Ketamine is The Perfect Adjunct to Psychiatric Medication Treatment & PsychotherapyIt provides Relief From Acute Mental & Physical Pain; While Receiving Treatment From Your Trusted Doctor & Therapists.

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