We remove the blocks keeping you from your fullest potential.

We collaborate with you to create a treatment plan tailored for you.

This individual treatment plan is reevaluated and adjusted according to each of your changing needs during the entire length of your treatment.

The average length of our treatment has ranged from 4-6 weeks. Some of our clients have asked for extra treatment, and have stayed longer. Others continue to come for support long after their initial stay with us.

From the beginning, and beyond, of treatment, our entire staff is focused on identifying the tools that you will need in order to succeed in your recovery, and your life.

Individualized healing.

We value simplicity at Adaptive Center. As many who are familiar with the 12 steps know, often the simplest approach is the most powerful. We keep it simple.

Treatment must be direct. We use scientifically validated cutting-edge approaches, not “rehab” techniques, or “interventions.” Mental health and physical health are both important to the healing process at Adaptive Center. We work with the clients to assess their specific challenges, whether they are related to drugs, alcohol, depression or anxiety.

We help clients heal their specific challenges, whether they are related to drugs, alcohol, depression, or anxiety. If it is not proven to work, it is not part of your treatment.


To accomplish true rehabilitation from the symptoms of addiction and mental illness that we have identified, we use therapy — including cognitive and narrative psychotherapies — physical fitness and Zen meditation (mental fitness).

Learn to be physically fit using: Learn to be mentally fit using Learn more about what therapies we use >

Our techniques work together for complete Adaptive Fitness.

For instance, narrative psychotherapy and guided journaling exercises help clients clarify their own stories so that they may finally make sense of them. We guide them as they relay, discover, and then edit their personal tales. So then, from beginning to end, they understand and can accept their experiences — mistakes, failures, triumphs — and live in harmony with them. Oftentimes, they discover that what they thought was a mistake led to a triumph, and what they thought was a triumph led to a tragedy. In the end, everything makes sense, and they realize their errors, and the way forward to a better life.

Clients then can begin the next chapter of their lives.

Each person who spends time at Adaptive Center shares their immediate treatment experience with other clients who are at their same level of functioning. This adds to our personalized treatment and allows them to feel safe. It also helps them practice and improve their social skills which are necessary when the client participates in valuable after-treatment support resources like workshops, group therapy, and fellowships like Alcoholic Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous.

Sharing recovery with others.

In their interaction with others there are clear positive consequences for acting pro-socially, and effectively and there are clear negative consequences for not acting appropriately. The consequences are firm and consistent and enforced gradually, non-judgmentally, and without embarrassment or humiliation. This is a process that prepares the client to move forward in their lives with interpersonal skills that will empower them to succeed in any situation, without the need or artificial support of drugs and alcohol.

We provide clients with effective treatment that can change their lives forever.

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