The increased abuse of Adderall and Vyvanse is terrifying. It has become a staple for college students, and now its use is trickling down to high schoolers.

The use of Adderall and Vyvance is becoming as common as (or a replacement of) drinking a pot of coffee to stay up all night to write a paper or to study for an exam.

But, unlike coffee, or energy drinks, Adderall and Vyvanse have a huge abuse and addiction potential.

They sneak up on you!

You take it one day to study, and then you do it again, and you feel great: energized and on top of tasks, and you become used to coming to them whenever you need to perform a hard task, or catching up with tasks that you have procrastinated. This cycle of use can quickly make you dependent on it to function.

The problem is that underneath their popularity and acceptance, these are very powerful drugs. In essence, they are equivalent to cocaine in that it’s a stimulant, and just like cocaine you can get addicted to the state of mind of being alert and the euphoria they can produce.

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