When you see yourself needing it to function… for everyday function… it’s a huge danger sign.

When you see that you have stayed up for days and nights in a row, and you’re exhausted, and you’re completely worn out, but you still take it…. it’s a dangerous sign.

When you feel urgent sexual needs, obsessive sexual ideation, and compulsive masturbation, that may not lead to satisfaction, yet you continue to take the medication, you are nearing compulsive use/abuse.

And of course, the typical danger signs for all drugs (the way
that you know that you’re getting addicted to a drug) is when you experience withdrawal when you don’t take it. That’s one of the signs of addiction or dependency that we look for as professionals when assessing substance abuse or dependence.

If you experience any of the above conditions, seek reasonable, understanding, professional consultation. Not extreme “addiction” treatment, but a non-judgmental, open-minded assessment of your experience. The solution may be simple or more complex, but cutting the progression from experimentation, to dependency (addiction), may save you years of suffering and failure. Make the right move.

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