Grief and Loss Counseling and Coaching

Grieving resulting from a deep loss is unlike any other life challenge. The loss of what’s deeply loved hurts our entire being. Its pain is physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual. It’s paralyzing. The paralysis of grief damages our work, our relationships, and even the care of those left behind. The grieving person loses their sense of self, their esteem, and their direction in life. This, in turn, makes them be a loss to those who love them, causing them grief, and adding guilt to the grieving person. This cycle of pain must be broken. All of this is not easily understood by many. Grief cannot be comforted by well-wishing. Cannot be comforted by assurances like “it will be alright.” The grieving person must be understood and met in their pain by a person trained in the process of grief. Loss cannot be erased. But it can be soothed by another human being that understands the process of grieving.

A grieving person must be supported in their loss and kept company in their grief. The grieving person must be aided by another that knows the grieving process professionally and personally. A person that has been formally trained in the process of loss and grief, and has the compassion that arises from the experience of loss. A person that has the empathy, and understanding, to be able to help the person in pain to emerge from grief’s worst grip. A human being that has suffered loss, and has found a way to live with their grief with peace and serenity.

When you are grieving, you must find relief from its physical and emotional pain. This pain must be addressed professionally and compassionately by our medical professionals, specialized grief counselor, and therapists.

The initial treatment of the physical and emotional pain of grieving will help lift the paralysis that it can cause. The relief of paralysis will help the grieving person to engage in the therapeutic sessions necessary to process how the effects of their loss have impacted their lives and the lives of others. The cycle of loss, causing grief to produce further loss and grief must be broken. Everyone must be helped to find healing.

A powerful combination of grief counseling, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy, effectively assisted by medication, when needed, will result in healing. And, this healing will be sustained by long-lasting supportive groups that will offer comfort to those who suffer and meaning to those that have learned to heal.

When healing occurs, the suffering person will find the capacity to love and receive love again. The capacity to regain their sense of belonging again. To again feel worthy and capable. And even find meaning, compassion, and empathy towards those that suffer like they have, and in some way become a source of comfort and healing to them.

Through our Grief Counseling and Coaching program, those grieving will experience:

  • Supportive counseling, therapy and medical help to heal the physical and emotional pain of acute grief—with medication assistance when necessary—to gently restore functioning, sleep, and eating, in order to begin the recuperation process.
  • Supportive grief work, individual therapy, and small group therapy to reinstate connection with others and the world.
  • Family therapy, when possible, to connect with those that may feel the loss of the lost person, and also the loss of the grieving person. Breaking the cycle of loss and suffering.
  • Therapy, counseling, long-term supportive groups, and coaching that inspire self-esteem through growing strength.
  • Therapy, counseling, long-term supportive groups, and coaching that facilitates living into the gaining of meaning, acceptance, and serenity. The capacity to live with the loss with peace.

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