Symptoms that ADHD shares with other mental health disorders.

With a wave of ADHD diagnoses on the rise, it could be easy to fall into the “self-diagnosing” trap from all the “signs and symptoms” posts and articles that are circling the media.

There are ADHD symptoms that have similarities to other mental health conditions such as:
– Impulsivity
– Difficulty concentrating or paying attention
– Social awkwardness
– Difficulty settling down
– Fatigue
– Restlessness
– Nervousness
– Irritability
– Sleep Issues
– GI Issues

A misdiagnosis can be dangerous.

While some of this information is helpful to identify that something is not right, the next step should be to address it with a mental health professional so that you get the RIGHT help for the struggles that you’re facing.

Are you facing some of these symptoms?

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