You’ve probably said to yourself “If I had only done this instead of that…” Things would have turned out better.

Think for a moment…

After you think about what you have done wrong, and the different paths that you didn’t take, ask: could it be that I was headed the wrong way?

Perhaps your soul—your deeper wisdom—sabotaged your plans because you were not listening to its guidance. Lead you to disaster because when it was giving you signals, you drank them away, and numbed yourself with drugs, with sex, with shopping, with social media…and didn’t listen.

Your soul, your unconscious, and your deepest wisdom will not be denied. If you don’t listen to its urgings it gets rough.
It’s gonna make you listen. It will make you feel, guilt, shame, and doubt. It will zap you of energy and make you “lazy”. It will “confuse” you. It will lead you to fail in the plans that violate its wisdom.

We then interpret those situations as mistakes or errors or suffering, when in fact, it could be exactly what we needed to get it together and take a better path… an authentic path. The path of the soul. Not necessarily easy. Not usually comfortable.

Because the soul chooses experiences not because they are comfortable, but because they help us evolve.

That’s what the soul wants. It wants to evolve. It wants a deep, meaningful, purposeful life. Not an easy one. Not a sheltered one. Not a life without risk, or pain. Such a life would not lead to evolution, growth, and enlightenment.

Your soul wants to take you beyond. Beyond meaninglessness, and fear. Your soul wants to reveal itself to you, so you may live as the free individual that you were born to be. It wants to take you to your true self. Willingly, obediently, or kicking and screaming. With gentle persuasion, or kicking your ass.

So, are you sure that your mistakes were mistakes?

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