Women these days are under more stress than ever before, more than previous generations.

The expectations are impossible for them to meet and so we’re faced with a re-emergence of the 1950’s “mother’s little helpers” in the form of “Mommy Wine Culture”.

In the 1950s, an incredibly large amount of housewives turned to Valium for relief which they then called “mother’s little helpers”. They were overwhelmed, lonely, and unappreciated so they turned to medication to try to cover the problems.

Mommy Wine Culture has become increasingly popular these days especially as women are faced with increasing pressures from being housewives, caretakers, and career women. All while driving the kids to a million activities and trying to take care of their own needs.

And so they turn their sights to alcohol which is “socially acceptable” versus being able to tackle the problems that are causing them TO turn to alcohol.

If this sounds relatable, we get it!

Society has an abundance of pressures that can negatively affect us all even without notice.

We’re really interested in your take on this. Tell us about your experience.

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