Is it possible to stop drinking and drugging alone?

It’s possible, but it’s very unlikely.
The problem is not stopping (because anybody can stop drinking and drugging).

The problem is to STAY stopped.

Anybody can stop drinking and drugging for a week, a month, or even longer. We even have challenges now that people participate in like Dry January.

But if you think about it, people go into those challenges knowing
that they’re going to return to drinking or drugging after the month is over.

So when we talk about “stopping”, a lot of people can do it alone but it’s not very likely that they’re going to stay stopped alone.

But why is this?

Because drinking is not the problem. Millions of people drink and engage in occasional drug use. The problem is not the drinking and the drugging. The problem is drinking and drugging that is out of
control. Drinking and drugging that continues even when there are negative consequences that come from it.

That kind of drinking and drugging is caused by a HABIT, or DEPENDENCY.
See our post about the different kinds of drinking and drugging:
Can You Drink Again After Going to Rehab?

People that have progressed into Habitual, or Dependent drinking and drugging become obsessive and compulsive about it and lie to themselves about their ability to stop. This obsession and compulsion that comes with habitual and dependent drinking and drugging are hard to break alone. Because habitual and dependent drinking and drugging become physical and psychological conditions. And, like any other physical and psychological conditions, they need to be treated by medical and psychological professionals. People experiencing habitual or dependent use won’t be successful trying to do it alone. Just like they won’t be successful in treating diabetes, high blood pressure, or depression alone. So, can you stop drinking and drugging alone? Yes.
Can you stay stopped? This depends on what stage of drinking and drugging you are in. The smart move is to get a professional opinion and find out.

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