You need knowledge, support, and understanding of the complex physical, mental, and emotional challenges of stopping drinking or drug abuse.
Amateur advice won’t help.

A community of family and friends that support you will be helpful, but not enough.


You need the right kind of therapy. Therapy that helps clarify and resolve all life issues. Not just therapy for addiction. Substance abuse has to do with many aspects of your life. Everything contributes to drinking and drugging. You need to open your mind and understand that therapy is a life tool, not an intervention for sick people. You need a therapist that practices depth psychology and is also an expert in substance abuse.

A 12-Step Program, if it fits your personality.

Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are very helpful for people that can get into their philosophies. They provide a network of people that offer support all the time, on a permanent basis for free. They serve as a first stop, as support for therapy, and for ongoing social support for life.

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