Today we were talking about the unconscious and how the unconscious can sometimes sabotage things… something that we think we want or plan for the sake of getting where we want to get to.

There is a Greek myth, that comes from Plato which speaks to this concept.

The Greeks were very good primitive psychologists. They developed a whole series of mythology, that is based on psychological principles because they were very good at identifying psychological processes. 

Psychologists like Freud and Jung recognized these stories are not just stories, they accurately depict how our minds work.

This particular one goes like this…
The Greeks believed that the soul and the mind were one and the same. 

Before it (the soul) comes into the world (before it comes into Earth), it looks around and picks a life that will help it evolve. 

So, the soul looks around and says “Yeah, that one is going to teach me what I need to learn to go to the next level. That life, those experiences of that life are going to help me evolve.”

So that’s the life it picks to come and live out on Earth. 

Before the soul is about to come down, there is a God or Goddess that comes and gives you amnesia… wipes your memory! Now, the soul doesn’t remember that it came down to the world to learn something so it ends up learning without bias.

The Greeks also said that the soul brings with it a companion. The companion is called the Daemon. 

The Daemon comes down with the soul and remembers exactly what you were here for – your purpose. 

As you are picking another path (one that is different than the path that was meant to give you the wisdom) that daemon then tortures you and sabotages your efforts. It blows up what you’re trying to do and makes you feel whatever it needs to make you feel so that you can forego that path.

That sabotage initiated by the daemon takes the form of depression, anger, anxiety, addiction. It does whatever it needs to do to bring you back to the path you were “meant to be on”. 

Isn’t that an interesting concept? What are your thoughts on the Daemon Myth? Does it resonate with you?

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