In this time of festivities, travel, family, and giving thanks, I want to talk to you: You who feels sad, have nowhere to go, and no family or friends to celebrate with. You, who feels alone and alienated. You who feels that you have destroyed your life with bad choices. You who is haunted by regret. You who has nothing to be thankful for. I’m thankful for you.

Because without you the Universe would not be the same place, and would not work. Because your being and your role is necessary. Because tomorrow people will feel good because they will compare themselves with someone that has been bad. Will feel kind in comparison with someone selfish. Will give thanks for being sober, because they know many are not. Will feel grateful not to be lonely, because someone is.

When they are giving thanks, they should give thanks to you. The appreciation of their lives is possible only because they have something to compare it to. You are not a mistake. You are a necessary part of creation. You have meaning.

Today you are the lonely one. Tomorrow many of the ones celebrating their good fortune will be. I have been you. And I’m sure that I will be again. That is the way of the Universe. So today, when you don’t find any reason to be thankful, know that I will be thinking of you, and offering you my thanks for making the Universe complete.

Happy Thanksgiving.

3 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Rolando Hernandez says:

    Thank you for such inspiring words may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!!

  2. Ernesto Quintana says:

    Happy thanksgiving

  3. Scott Wilson says:

    Incredible message. I feel this daily!

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